Success story for June: Veg-Pack for Rs 99

District officials have launched a unique scheme of providing nine vegetables at Rs.99. This was done to provide some solace to the customers from the rising prices of vegetables. Get a bagful of vegetables for Rs.99 only is the catch phrase.

The bag will contain nine varieties of vegetables – one kg of potatoes, one kg of tomatoes, one kg of onions, one kg of water gourd, half-a-kg of ladies finger, half-a-kg of ivy gourd, quarter-kg of chillies, drumsticks and an assortment of leafy vegetables and all for ‘Just’ Rs.99.

Launching the offer, Vijayawada Central Congress MLA Malladi Vishnu said that this was initiated with the help of farmers to control the rising prices of vegetables and to stabilise the situation. “It was first initiated in Hyderabad on Tuesday and launched today over here,” he said. An officer from the Rythu Bazar said that this would not have been possible without the cooperation of the farmers. “We have entered into a pact with the farmers to supply us the vegetables at Rs.2 less from the board price to bring price rise situation under control,” he said.

According to the bazaar board price, the assortment of nine vegetables in tune with the quantity would cost Rs.125 and the farmers are supplying at Rs. 99. The variation is set to be between Rs.18 and 25.

Big hit

The offer will initially be for 15 days, and they will extend it depending on the market scenario, said the MLA. The offer appears to be a big hit, as the farmers at the Swaraj Maidan Rythu Bazar sold over 200 bags in the very first hour of business, on the day of the launch.


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