Fraud with soldier-widow

The wife of Lance Naik Hemraj, who was beheaded by Pakistani troops near the LoC on January 8, was duped of Rs 10 lakh by a man posing as an army officer on the outskirts of Kosi town, police said on Saturday.

In her complaint, Ms. Dharmvati, the widow of Hemraj, said one Amit Kumar, who claimed that he was an army officer and sent by the Army Headquarters, approached her at Shernagar village in the morning on Friday.

According to the complaint, Amit advised Ms. Dharmvati to keep the relief packages provided to her in different banks. On his advise, she agreed to withdraw Rs 20 lakh from SBI, Chhatta branch.

Accompanied by brother-in-law Bhagwan Singh, uncle Gajendra Singh and Amit, Ms. Dharmvati reached the bank.

“Rs 20 lakh were withdrawn from the bank, out of which a fixed deposit of Rs 10 lakh was made in the same branch in favour of my daughter Shivani, whereas we planned to deposit the remaining Rs 10 lakh in a bank in nearby Bukharari village,” she told police.

Ms. Dharmvati claimed that she rode pillion on Amit’s motorcycle, whereas her brother-in-law and uncle followed them on another motorcycle.

In the complaint, she mentioned that Rs 10 lakh was kept in Amit’s bag. Thereafter, all the four proceeded towards Bukharari village, about 45 km from Mathura.

“Amit stopped his motorcycle at a petrol pump near a dhaba on the outskirt of Kosi town, pretending that he had to take petrol for his bike,” she said.

As Ms. Dharmvati alighted from the motorcycle, Amit fled with the bag, the complaint alleged.

“The Special Operation Group has been asked to work out the case and the CCTV footage of the bank is being examined to arrest the youth,” Senior Superintendent of Police Pradeep Yadav said.

“Though Ms. Dharmvati was asked to inform the police about any major financial transaction she makes, she did not do so,” the SSP said.

On March 25, an attempt to fraudulently withdraw Rs 60 lakh, of the relief amount given to her, was made at a bank in Palwal district of Haryana.

Hemraj was killed and beheaded by Pakistani troops near the Line of Control in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir on January 8.


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