Human Trafficking – ignored!!!

Source:- Merinews

When women and children are exploited in one way or the other it is called human trafficking. Millions of women and young children are affected in different states due to human trafficking but the government has done little to tackle this menace.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING has been defined as the business of human beings, which involves involuntary acts such as begging, prostitution or forced labour. It is the world’s third largest illegal activity after smuggling of drugs and weapons. India is a source and destination for men, women and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labour and sexual exploitation.

 In the number of persons affected by human trafficking around 60-70 per cent are women and 50 per cent are children (all the persons below 18 years of age come in the category of children). The main problem for human trafficking is debt, poverty and hunger, which makes children and women belonging to poor family take to work in industries, mills, agriculture and embroidery factories.
Children are also asked to work as factory workers, domestic servants and beggars – leaving their studies at a young age at which they should have been playing and enjoying their childhood. 

India is also a destination for selling of women and girls from different countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Over 500 Nepalese girls were jailed in Bihar for having false documents.
India’s efforts to protect people victimised of trafficking has varied from state to state.
The government of India has undertaken several measures in the past to combat this menace. Several human rights commissions have formulated plans of action to prevent and fight human trafficking with the focus on women and children.
There is need to create awareness among the public about trafficking. Media can play a very effective role here. The government should take speedy measures to secure India’s borders so that the rackets that lead to transfer of women and children can be taken care of, and strict action is taken against them.
Furthermore, there needs to be greater co-ordination between different states in India. Investigation in cases involving human trafficking should be carried with the aim to destroy this evil once for all. Government and NGO’s should work together to rescue the victims and provide them healthcare, education and emloyement opportunities.


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