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What is this ‘Rebuilding India’ movement?

Rebuilding India is not yet a movement, although it has the full potential of being one. We are just a group of few college students who are working for a better India – a reformed India. We haven’t yet jumped to the offline realm, currently all that we are doing is to gather like-minded people under one banner – a single entity/organisation that will work fully in it’s entirely for the betterment and development of India. It all started on the eve of 15th August, 2012, when a certain student expressed grief and sadness over the turmoil that India is in currently. And we embarked on a journey.

We started our Facebook page on 16th August, titled India – My Motherland . The page did not gain much support initially. Primarily, the reason was that this was heavy uncool stuff, it did not concern sizzling motor bikes and fancy cell-phones that would attract people. Slowly, some people realized the need for a reform, and joined our cause, and we grew slightly from nowehere to almost 50 members at present who ‘like’ our motive and intent.

We felt the need of a portal to showcase the current state of affairs. And maybe this was not the ideal time that would allow space for a developed website, so we decided to take one step at a time and formed this blog. It’s relatively new, as you can see.

What do we plan to do:

Our main area of interest is socio-economic in nature. So the main problems that we would like to address are – poverty, illiteracy, social evils like human trafficking, dowry crime etc. We are not indulging in political crimes like corruptions etc. There are other movements like:-

These movements, as you can see for yourself, are catering to the problems of lack of good governance and corruption in India. So let them do their own work in their own way. Also a movement – Sampada Movement is being conceptualized for June 2013.

Our main intent now is to attract as much as attention as possible. We are developing ourselves as a powerful force to reform India, and in another 20 years time, India would get it’s restored place of pride back – a guarantee from us! What we need is your help – so reader, kindly ‘like’ our facebook page for a start-up. AFTER THAT, KINDLY SEND US YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT FURTHER SCOPE OF ACTION FROM US IN THE FUTURE. YOU CAN EMAIL US VIA THE MAILS PROVIDED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE OR FILL UP THE CONTACT FORM IN THE ‘FEEDBACK’ PAGE. Your opinions are greatly needed for our formation as a unit to reform India.

As you can see, we are just portraying out the problems and their situations in present Indian scenario in our blog right now. That is all we can do now until we get some help from seriously interested people. The main goal is however much larger than what appears now. We want to form a joint united organisation that would be an one-stop solution for all our problems.

India – My Motherland group is willing to join hands with other organisations for this purpose.

Contact us:-

Email – indiarebuilt@gmail.com